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6 The Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street, Lon‍‍‍don, W1S 4SF

The expertise of the atelier lies not only in the desig‍‍‍n and craft of the frame but also in its long-standing ability to create unique pieces tailored to every detail of one’s face shape, hair style, profile as well as even career or hobby. As such, for the most discerning of our patrons bespoke service is graciously offered. Catered to each and every ocular need, from the initial consultation to the collection of the finished set of frames, clients are expected to feel as proud as the Griffin, the emblem of Meyrowitz, as he resides over his very own spectacles . Patrons may choose from a myriad of materials ranging from cotton based acetates, naturally sourced buffalo horn, precious metals and fine jewels as well as exotic skins, Pleistocene mammoth ivory and tortoiseshell.